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Queer Person in History: Ash Hardell

Ash Hardell is a 30 yr old YouTube personality from Minnesota. They started posting on the platform back in 2011. Ash identifies as a trans, non-binary queer person, and their content runs the gamut of queer topics. Ash often invites other LGBTQ+ community members to do collaborations to discuss their shared experiences. Topics range from gender identities to sexual orientations to anti-trans/anti-queer movements. Ash has documented their trans journey on YouTube as well as written a book titled “The ABCs of LGBT+”, an Amazon Best-Seller. They recently came back from an over-two-year hiatus from YouTube they took because of transphobic comments, videos, and attention that caused Ash to experience trauma and gaslighting. Ash has discussed this experience in a recent video where they talk about why they left for such an extended period of time. To hear more about their experiences and show your support, visit and follow Ash on Twitter and Instagram @AshHardell. Thank you, Ash, for all that you do as a voice for our communities!

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